What About all the Goodies?

60% of people respond better to visual data then text. As such we have specialized in developing infographics to convey data and advertisements in a more captivating and effective way. Besides we just love creating data visualizations otherwise known as infographics! Loving your work is important if you want to create meaningful work and especially important as we have decided to offer this service for only 99 DOLLARS…Yes..only 99 Dollars for exquisite infographic design that would normally cost you over $1500 with competing firms.


Everything starts with an idea, and brainstorming is just what we are good at here at 99dollarinfographic.com! Each and every member of our team is handpicked because they are just that creative and you being one of our clients makes it just as if YOU had this unique talent yourself and will directly benefit from it!


Say Goodbye to lame and boring infographic designs by lame designers. here at 99dollarinfographics we expect only the best from our team and settle for nothing less then world class data visualizations or “data viz” as the cool kids call it!


So you know have this EPIC infoG made for you but what’s next? Without proper distribution all that effort would be wasted. We want people to see what we made!! Don’t you? Well i’ll let you in on a secret….We have the Most extensive connections with hundreds of site owners and influencers and will get your infographic distributed all over the web and know what? its not even gonna break the bank!

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